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Evamarie Hey-Hawkins

Evamarie Hey-Hawkins has been a Full Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at Leipzig University, Germany, since 1993. Throughout her career she has performed ground-breaking and exciting research in phosphorus-functionalized and phosphorus-rich compounds, carborane chemistry, and applications of mono- and multinuclear transition-metal complexes. In these areas, a perfect combination of synthetic inorganic, organic, organometallic, bioinorganic and bioorganic chemistry is applied. She has published more than 370 publications in internationally renowned journals, four patents, and has given more than 225 oral presentations nationally and internationally. In 2013, she was honored as “IUPAC 2013 Distinguished Woman in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering” for her scientific achievements. Evamarie Hey-Hawkins is involved in numerous professional activities; she is a member of the Editorial Board of ZAAC, BBJNTCT, and the International Advisory Board of ChemPlusChem, referees for numerous journals and evaluates research proposals as member of the Review Board “Molecular Chemistry” of the DFG (since 2008). She heads several networks, for example as speaker of the Graduate School “Building with Molecules and Nano-objects” (BuildMoNa, since 2007), as Chair of the EU COST Actions “European Phosphorus Sciences Network” (PhoSciNet, 2008-13) and “Smart Inorganic Polymers” (SIPs, since 2013), or as coordinator of the “Materials Science and Catalysis Network” (MatCatNet) (funded by DAAD (SOE) since 2005).